Technology Center

  • High temperature detection

    When the sensor detects high temperature (60℃±5℃), the door will be automatically unlocked with a loud alarm. All locking modes are released under this condition. The door can open by turning a Thum-turn button

  • ESD Protection

    Circuit is designed to protect from the damages incurred from a high voltage surge.

  • Trespassing Alarm

    When an abnormal door opening condition is detected while the door is in a locked state (e.g., intrusion by opening a door gap), a beep of 80 decibels (db) or higher is generated

  • 1min. Mischief Prevention

    When an unregistered [Password], [Card Key] or [Fingerprint] is entered 5 times in a row, a warning sound is generated, and the keypad function does not work for 1 minute.

  • Random Security Code

    You can rest assured with the random security code to prevent password exposure.

  • Double Authentication Mode

    In addition to the registered password, this function requires additional authentication with a card key or fingerprint to open the door.

  • Low Battery Alarm

    When the battery replacement time comes during normal operation, a warning sound is generated.

  • Sound Volume Adjustment

    The volume can be modulated from mute (etiquette function) to 8 levels.